About Us

     Mesita Elementary School, nestled in the heart of Kern place, opened in November 1948 with a total of 18 classrooms, a cafeteria, an auditorium, approximately 280 students and 16 teachers.  Mesita took the place of Dudley School which was built in 1925.  Today, Mesita has grown into a school of about 850 students with a staff of 80 and a state of the art building completed in 2008.

     Although the building has changed the traditions remain: the Fall Carnival, Science Fair, Art Fair, Holiday Musical, and our award winning PTA.The PTA helps sponsor several after school activities including Mini Dribblers Basketball, Robotics, and Chess Club.  We've added some new traditions: Spring Thing, Movie Nights, Game Nights, Walk to School Days, and Math and Reading Nights.

     Presently, Mesita houses three academic programs: the traditional magnificent monolingual class that has been in place since Mesita's inception.  The Widening Our World (WOW) dual language program is well established in its third year.  The dual language gifted and talented program at Mesita Elementary began in fall 1997 with three classrooms, for grades 1, 2, and 3.  This program has grown by one grade level per year.  Today students from across the district apply for admission to the Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos (CW/MU) magnet program where they can continue to Wiggs Middle School and El Paso High School.

     Mesita is a school that is steeped in history, and our goal of academic excellence continues to nurture future leaders.

Mission Statement:  We will provide and promote an environment in which each child will develop his/her maximum intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential wihcih lay ithe foundation for successful learning. 

Vision Statement:  It is the vision of Mesita Elementary School that every student will gain the academic, social, and emotional skills, while under our care, to succeed in our global community.

                                                         The Mesita Pep Song

                                            Keep the Gold and the Blue Flying High        

Gold and Blue, Mesita too,

We'll be ever true to you.

We'll keep the gold and the blue flying high.

With our might we will fight

Both for victory and right;

W'ell keep the gold and the blue flying high.

Then it's hi! hi! he!

On to victory!

Shout our your courage to the sky

To the gold and blue; we'll be ever true!

We'll keep the gold and the blue flying high,

We'll keep the gold and the blue flying high.

                                                      The Mesita Alma Mater

High above the busy city,

Stands our school so fair.

For her fame and for her glory,

We shall always care.

May we ever love and keep her

In our hearts so true!

May her colors ever glisten,

Mesita Gold and Blue!

Through the years that pass behing us,

We shall e'er recall,

All the days we spent together

In her room an halls.