Lewis, Heather

Conference Time- 8:20-9:05


A little about me, Ms. Lewis:

 Ms. Lewis

I grew up in a rural community in Eastern Oregon but have traveled the world to work with linguistically and culturally diverse children in a variety of settings. I graduated from Oregon State University with two Bachelor's degrees in Education and I am currently working on my Master's with a focus in reading at UTEP.

I taught 2nd grade for five years at Mesita and I am now teaching 1st grade. I love it!

I believe that all students deserve an opportunity to receive a great education. If a child is provided with positive support from a community of teachers, their home environment and they have intrinsic motivation to learn, all students will be able to be and feel successful.

Some quotes to live by:

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." -Fred Devito

"Don't be afraid to stretch your brain and make mistakes!" -Me, Ms. Lewis