Coronado, Rachael

Welcome 3E Parents!

Camp Read AlongThis year will be a great learning adventure with many fun interactive learning projects planned.  You will hear from me weekly about the projects going on in the classroom as well as your child’s progress.  Your child’s success is dependent on the team work of the three of us working together: the teacher, the parent, and the child.  Together we will make this a great year!

About Me...
Class with students

  I started teaching in Plano, TX.  I taught fourth grade for three years there.  I then took on the adventurous role of helping to open a school in a children’s home in Juarez, MX.  I lived and taught there for two years.  I moved from Juarez to El Paso and began teaching third grade at Mesita Elementary.  I have been happily teaching third grade at Mesita for eight years.

 Prep Period
15  min. Conferences Scheduled...
-before school @ 7::50am
-during prep  period @ 2pm,2:15pm, or 2:30pm
-after school at 3:30pm