Chang, Sonia


This is my second year at Mesita Elementary. I have been teaching Chinese more than ten years. I have taught at La Paz Academy, St. Mark's, Chinese Ai-Hwu School at UTEP and YISD middle schools. I have my masters degree from Indiana State University with a major in Educational Media. I taught five years in college in Taiwan. My husband's job was transferred, so my whole family moved from Taipei to El Paso. I am very happy to teach Chinese to kindergarten and 1st grade at Mesita ECDC at Vilas.  I love the Chinese language and culture and teaching Chinese. After more than fifteen years 'of  teaching experience, I am pleased to see how much I have learned. Teaching Chinese at multiple levels, participating as a classroom teacher, teaching cultures, and taking on multiple professional roles have provided me with many skills that will enhance my teaching in the future.

Conference Time-9:00 am to 9:45 am