Special Programs

Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos

The Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos program is designed to draw from the wealth of its multicultural, multilingual community in implementing a gifted and talented dual language immersion educational environment. Bilingualism, creative thinking, problem solving, cultural awareness, active parent involvement, and high levels of achievement are outcomes for all program students. The Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos curriculum is delivered through the integration of dual language immersion methodology and gifted and talented instructional strategies.

El programa de Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos ha sido diseñado de manera que se aproveche al máximo las oportunidades que se presentan en nuestra multicultural y multilingüe comunidad para implementar un programa de inmersión de lenguaje dual para niños talentosos.  Bilingualismo, pensamiento crítico y creativo, habilidad para resolver problemas, conciencia cultural, cooperación y participación de los padres y altos niveles de aprovechamiento son las metas para todos los estudiantes que participan en este programa.  El currículo de Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos se enseña a través de la integración de metodología de programas de inmersión de lenguaje dual y las estrategias de instrucción para niños talentosos.


W.O.W (Widening our Worlds)
What is Dual Language Education?
Dual Language Education is a form of education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages.

What are the Goals of Dual Language Education?

  •  To develop a high level of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Spanish.
  • To develop positive attitudes toward those who speak other languages and to value our culture and the culture of others. 
  • To prepare students to perform at or above grade level in both languages.
  • To promote self esteem and leadership skills


How has Mesita Elementary implemented the Dual Language Program?

  • Two Teacher Model: The program consists of two teachers in each team. In each team is an English teacher who will provide all instruction in English, and a Spanish teacher who will provide all instruction in Spanish.
  • 50/50 Model: Children in this program will receive 50% of their daily instruction in English, and the other 50% in Spanish.
  • Simultaneous Literacy: Literacy instruction will be given everyday in both languages.