Check Out Policy

Check out times are provided for students during school hours on a daily basis. Books are checked out for a 3 week period with the option to renew.
  • PreK            1 book (must remain in classroom)
  • Kinder         1 book (must remain in classroom)
  • 1st               1 book (must remain in classroom)
There are no fines for overdue books.
However, additional books may not be checked out
until the overdue book is paid for or returned.


Parent Check out Policy:

Parents are welcome to visit the library with their children after school. 

The library will be open after school every day 
from 3:15 until 3:30 except for Wednesdays when the librarian will be working with students on special projects.

Students in PreK- 1st grade must be accompanied by a parent during after school hours.

After establishing a library account, parents may check out up to 5 books.