For Parents

Parent Check out Policy:

Parents are welcome to visit the library with their children after school.

The libraries will be open after school every day except for Wednesdays, when the librarians will be working with students on special projects.

ECDC- Doors will close at 3:45.
Mesita- Doors will close at 4:00.

Students in PreK- 1st grade must be accompanied by a parent during after school hours.

After establishing a library account, parents may check out up to 5 books per family.

Accelerated Reading Program 

elerated Reader (A.R.) is a reading progress monitoring program. Students in second through fifth grade participate in this program.  First graders begin the program during the second semester.

Books in the library are marked with colored dots according to  their readinglevel, making it convenient for students to select and read books attheir level. 

Many thanks to our PTA for making it possible for our students to participate in the new  A.R. software program, Renaissance Place.

Searching  for books that have A.R. quizzes is easy when you use
A.R. BookFinder.